CINDRE is jewelry for every~body. Genderless pieces created for the love of self adornment at accessible price points. Focusing primarily on architectural forms and maximal minimalism, CINDRE jewelry utilizes Sterling Silver and Brass alongside sparkling 5AAAAA Cubic Zirconia stones. These stones are set in tubing, which creates both an unexpected sparkle as the wearer moves, as well as visual weight without much physical weight, since the forms are hollow. All CINDRE jewelry is created by hand, by the artist. Nothing is outsourced, mass produced, or cast in bulk. Every single piece has been constructed lovingly, every stone set perfectly by hand, in small quantities and with a keen attention to detail.
The foundation for CINDRE was built by Claire Marie Patterson in early 2016 as a moniker for her final collection through Cal Poly Humboldt's Studio Art Jewelry focus. From there, the brand has grown to encompass a range of pieces, primarily focusing on earrings, but also including rings, bracelets, and other adornment. Claire spent half a decade working and sharing CINDRE in the Chicago area, based out of her home studio in the Albany Park neighborhood. In 2021, Claire relocated to Albuquerque, NM with her partner in hopes to focus on CINDRE as a part-time career. CINDRE is carried in a variety of shops throughout the country. Claire also travels with the Renegade craft fair, as well as attending other local and regional fairs throughout the year. Most recently, Claire was featured in Albuquerque the Magazine's Creatives Spotlight for May 2022.

CINDRE utilizes high quality sterling silver and jeweler's brass sourced locally in Albuquerque. All earring studs are sterling silver, and all sterling is naturally nickel-free. All stones are the highest quality cubic zirconia, allowing for an affordable price point. Don't be fooled, though, this type of cubic zirconia is known for its intense sparkle, and mimics the quality of a diamond with little discernible difference. Jeweler's brass can be known to tarnish (as any metal will, with prolonged exposure to moisture) - so for the best maintenance, it is suggested to minimize submerging jewelry in water and store all pieces in a sealed baggie or jewelry box. All CINDRE shipments include a polishing cloth.